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T H E  C R O W

Code 6 6 6 is the anchor of N L P that launches in an unconscious programs that contain the rows of Revelation

Code  6 6 6 is the Code of Greed, which activates Unconscious Digital Comparative Analysis U D С A

Code  6 6

Code  6 6 it is also Сode  6 6 6, which activates Unconscious Digital Comparative Analysis 
 U D C A
H a i l i n g  S i g n  is an attempt to gain access to unconscious getting the word  Y E S

  6 6 6 6 6 6


 6  6

  6 6 6 6 

  6 6 6 

  1. Therefore, the number 666, or the "number of the beast" is "Gate of Ishtar"
  2. In the number "666" coded by summing the number "18"

    1. If there had been a number "666" in a day that it would be 18 hours
    2. I believe that it is the number "6666" was the basis of the official system of measurement of time
    3. If to combine all the digits of the number "6666" we will get the number "24"
    4. But in this case again raises an interesting question: "Why did the number "6666" they have introduced into the book of John as "666" "
    5. So, genuine "number of the beast" is "6666"
    6. If each side of the statue of Ishtar 2 "figures" ,of course
    7. By combining these "figures" on each side of the statue of Ishtar we get the number "6666"
    8. More precisely, two geometric patterns that resemble the number "6"
    9. On each side of the statue of Ishtar two digits "6"

    10. So, my version is that the correct secret "number of the beast" includes 4 digits "6"

      1.               KING OF TEMPLARS ‏@Vadimir1
        Since at the foot of Ishtar 3 geometric patterns likely on each side of the statue and therefore receives a mysterious number 666

      2. But the secret society each geometrical pattern in the style of northern shamans perceives as the number 6
      3. At the foot of the Ishtar are visible simply geometric patterns
      4. Geometric secret organization and a key to the codes is also geometrical
      5. Remember that the key to the decoded images on the Tarot cards it was a simple geometry
      6. The answer is simple and lies on the surface as for centuries was lying the answer to the origin of Tarot cards
      7. Do not search in alchemy, astrology and numerology
      8. If you are looking the source of this number in verbal structures of communication of information then you are not will find the answer
      9. And no one will answer you to this question if he will seek the answer in popular areas of occult knowledge

      10. Because only very powerful organization can take and enter a number in Revelation

      11. A certain powerful secret organization introduces this number in the book

      12. In this book this number did not originally exist

      13. Fact of the matter that in the book of John Chrysostom some secret organization has included the number 666
      14. And it also does not guarantee that this is the first version of number
      15. I can not remember exactly, but on mine there has been number 612
      16. And in the very earlier version of this book was not the number 666
      17. Presented variant of the Apocalypse is not the original version of this book
      18. Therefore this name Christians and have coded in the number of beast
      19. Neron is a king who exterminated of Christians
      20. And the first official version lies in the fact that the number of the beast is encrypted name of the king Neron
      21. Indeed, in the Revelation of St. John Chrysostom, we find the words about number of the beast
      22. The first version this is what number is taken from the Apocalypse of St. John Chrysostom
      23. And in fact, no one knows the origin of this number
      24. Now I will explain the origin of the number 666